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Meet the Healers

Our Story

Sanant Counseling & Wellness, LLC is a Black-owned, women-led private mental health practice. Our team has many decades of combined community mental health and support services experience.

We at Sanant Counseling & Wellness LLC are a premier culturally responsive, client-focused, evidenced-informed, and data-driven private practice. We provide holistic care and supportive services to remove barriers to accessing health and wellness care.

Our experienced team dedicates our careers to supporting the mental health needs of diverse communities. With our deep understanding of the challenges faced, we are passionate about delivering culturally competent care that empowers clients on their journey to wellness.

Our comprehensive approach integrates the latest evidence-based practices with a focus on each client's unique background and circumstances. Our data-driven methods allow us to continuously enhance our services for optimal treatment outcomes. Clients can expect compassionate, personalized care from us that addresses their mental health holistically.

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