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Dawn Gordon, MSW, LSW, M.Ed
Mental Health Clinician 

With over two decades of dedicated service, Dawn Gordon is a seasoned professional specializing in the mental health and education sectors, particularly in supporting children and youth. Her practice is rooted in a strengths-based approach, emphasizing the significance of nurturing and healing relationships within the black family structure. Throughout her career, Dawn Gordon has championed a holistic treatment philosophy, recognizing the interconnectedness of family dynamics and the impact on individual development. She is committed to addressing conflicts within family systems and empowering children by treating them as part of a broader familial unit, fostering resilience and growth.


Dawn Gordon is a beacon in the field, known for her unwavering dedication to rebuilding and strengthening the black family through therapeutic interventions that prioritize healing and growth. Her approach not only focuses on individual well-being but also on the collective healing of family units. By advocating for a family systems perspective, Dawn Gordon underscores the importance of addressing systemic issues and conflicts within families, offering comprehensive support that recognizes and respects the unique cultural context of each family they serve. Her rich experience and compassionate outlook continue to positively impact countless children and families, leaving a lasting legacy of empowerment and transformation within her community.

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University of Pittsburgh - Bachelor of Science Childcare and Child Development


University of Pittsburgh - Master Social Work


Licensed Social Worker - LSW 


  • Strengths-Based Approach

  • Family Systems


Ages 8 - 18

  • Relationships 

  • Behavioral Problems

  • Social Skills

  • Goal setting

  • Decision-making

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Education Advocacy

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